Written over four years’ time, “From the Briar” displays the hardship, joys, and trials found in life. The record was conceived as an 11 track LP written over two years, but with life getting in the way (and music still being written), the album slowly turned into a 14 track record. “From the Briar” employs concrete melodies, charming chord progressions, soothing imagery, and wild poetry, exploring the age-old topic of innocence, comradery, faith, and the respective struggles that follow. A Palinode continues to be fearless in pushing the barriers of genre, adding progressive screams and transcending ambient guitar--all the while remaining true to their roots with soothing folk songs and American folk-style instruments, and featuring the talents of Chantalle Falconer on Violin. The album was recorded in four different states, and was mixed and mastered by Keane O’Kelley.

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